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An Urgent Message To All Speakers (and those who want to be)
The truth is stranger than fiction...
A Completely Different Approach To "Public Speaking" Took Me From Broke To A Millionaire, Speaking From Stage For Just 90 Minutes At A Time...
And I'm Convinced Anybody Can Copy What I'm Doing, Once They Understand It.

From: James Dentley
Location: Matteson, Illinois
Event Date: February, 3 and 4, 2018


"The Highest Rated Speaker Training In the Country!"   
Les Brown  Worlds Renowned Motivational Speaker 

Subject: World's #1 Event for Speaker Training
From the Desk Of: James Dentley
The demand is huge for platform speakers who can influence, persuade, and make money. Teachers and talkers are a dime a dozen.
Closers from the platform are a rare breed and extremely valuable.

My name is James Dentley and here is the whole truth.

You can teach a trained Parrot how to speak… but I’m one of the handful of people in
America who can teach you how to have an audience stampede and line up throwing their money at you begging you to take it!

I can show you how to be booked to speak as often as you want and jet set around the world flying international first class to exotic locations to speak, make loads of money and have virtually free vacations at 5 star hotels… creating unforgettable memories for you, your family, and your future.

I’m talking about the opportunity of lifetime.

So listen up…

If you’re a speaker or want to be a speaker who stands on a platform and sells products, this letter is extremely important to you and deserves your immediate attention.

If you’re serious about becoming a platform speaker and want it to pay you like an A-List celebrity, please stop what you’re doing, find a quiet spot, and invest the next 10 minutes devouring the details of this letter.

For over 2 decades now, I’ve taken the stage in countries around the world and delivered speeches from 20 minutes to multi-day training events. 

Every time I spoke, I sold no less than $35,000 in products, services, and opportunities. In fact, many times my sales are in the 6-figures from a single event.

Regardless of how much I earn per event, I continue to pull in 7-figures a year… and I’m having the time of my life doing it.

I learned a long ago that the real money from speaking is not in speaking fees. 

The windfall of paydays come from creating so much value in a presentation that people rush to the back of the room to exchange their money for your products or services.

It’s an amazing feeling to see people rushing the table like it’s a Black Friday sale, pushing, shoving, and waving their credits cards in the air begging someone to take their money so they can have your stuff.

The only feeling better than that is when you count your sales and realize you just made more money from that one speech than most people make in an entire year trading dollars for hours.

I’m not the only one doing it though. There are a few close associates of mine that are getting together with me soon to reveal their deepest secrets to how they’ve earned millions from public speaking.

More on that in a minute…

$1.2 Million Dollars For 90 Minutes
Work Doesn't Seem Fair
A good friend and business associate of mine gave a 90-minute presentation to a crowd of 2,500 people and pulled in a whopping $1.2 million in product sales.
In fact, he’s pulled in over $10 million in sales from public speaking alone and he has agreed to get together with me (and you if you visit us) to reveal his hidden tips, tricks and secrets that he has never revealed to anyone before.

It may sound amazing and while that was one of his best paydays ever from speaking, this guy would consistently bring in $100,000 each and every time he did a weekend workshop.
Could you picture yourself bringing home up to $100,000 for having fun, speaking, and sharing ideas on a weekend? Could you use this type of money in your pockets or in your business?

Now of course we don’t get to keep all the money we make. Promoters take a piece and there are some other minor expenses for travel, accommodations, etc.

But don’t feel sorry for any of us. We’ve kept more money than most people will ever see or make in a lifetime of exhausting themselves working hard, trading hours for dollars.
We aren’t killing ourselves living on the road and out of suitcase either.

In fact, for me I get to choose what I want to do and today I still travel and speak because while the money I make is extraordinary, more importantly, it still excites me to meet new people and help change their lives.

"How You Can Make 7-Figures A Year,
Speaking In Public, For Just 90 Minutes!"
Listen, I’m going to cut to the chase here and lay out an opportunity for you to learn to speak and sell in a way that has never been revealed before.

It’s happening February 3 and 4, 2018 in Matteson, Illinois.

You’re invited to join me and a hand-picked group of world-class speakers and platform sellers for 3 days to help you launch a new speaking business, grow your existing speaking business and even turnaround a failing business if you’re struggling for that breakout success.

Just imagine an event that can help you to…

- Intensify the speaking ability you already have.
- Rise above weakness and develop bullet-proof strength.
- Emancipate you from the slavery of fearing people and public speaking. 
- Speak publicly in a way that is entrancing and gripping to your audience. 
- Tap into and unleash the dormant powers inside of you.
- Move ahead in your business and go higher as a public speaker.
- Become your greatest living self, speaking with supreme greatness. 
- Be compelling on the platform and commanding in your presentation.

This training is more than theory and lecture. Its actual hands-on practice and implementation that you can use immediately.

You’ll leave with the kind of confidence that only comes from hands-on training. And you’ll have a personal coach every step of the way.

The Inspired2Speak Action Camp
Learn the Skills Of Speaking and the 
Art Of Selling
Inspired2Speak is full of startling revelations.

From start to finish, you will be presented with a buffet of tips, secrets, and instructions the like of which you have never heard or seen before

This priceless knowledge you will unearth is so powerful it can lift you to the exalted pinnacle of public speaking power and success.

Inspired2Speak strips away the veil from the dearest and closes secrets of public speakers who have made millions from the platform.

It’s part teaching, part implementation, yet startling, compelling and transforming at every step.

You’ve never been to anything like this before because it doesn’t exist. That’s why I created this boot camp.

For years, I’ve privately helped people start successful speaking careers and make next level types of income. Mostly those that came to me for network marketing training. Some of them took off and are still experiencing massive success to this day.
You see, there are a lot of great books, videos, and courses on how to be a good speaker. But no one really shows you how to properly prepare and deliver a presentation that excites your audience and produces massive paydays.

For most people, it has been trial and error (with lots of errors) and years of frustration, missed opportunities and wasted income from trying everything you can think of to see what will work best.

That is all going to change right now!

Every opportunity you get to stand before an audience and speak can be turned into a windfall of cash-flow as you allow people in the audience to purchase your materials to take home with them for continued education.

There is an art to doing this from the stage. So, here’s the deal…

I’ve asked some of the best public speakers, platform closers and marketing minds I know to help me create and deliver this life changing training event. Anyone of them could show you how to double if not triple your income from every presentation because they are at the mastery level of platform speaking and selling.

All of use combined will be your brain trust, your trusted advisors, and speaking coaches for 3 days, so expect a quantum leap in your skills and income.

Our combined experience is priceless and you couldn’t buy for any price.

What you will discover and learn in 3 days took us decades to learn, sharpen and master.

The closely-guarded secrets you will learn are profitable and treasured by the exclusive few who know them and use them.

My goal is to hand these secrets over to you on a silver platter so you can reap the rewards and even experience…

A 10X Increase In Your Income
Within 12 Months Of 
Leaving This Training 
(and frankly that should be a piece of cake)
It doesn’t matter who you are or how much you make now, I can assure you it’s not even close to your income potential.

What you don’t know is costing you a fortune.

So, if you’re a public speaker, teacher, coach, consultant, or you want to be... then this incredible training can have a major impact on your life.

People have said that the difference between the "Inspired2Speak Public Speaking Action Camp" and every other approach to public speaker training is like night and day.

And, they're right!

Inspired2Speak offers a new and ingenious system for crowd rocking presentations, getting more speaking gigs more often and earning 6 and 7 figures a year from your speaking.

The myth-shattering information and explosive secrets, strategies and methods revealed at Inspired2Speak has startled the public speaking industry.

More important however, people just like you with dreams and desires to excel at public speaking have already used the Inspired2Speak tradition breaking methods for maximum performance, power, prestige, prosperity, and personal gain all while sharing their message and help other people.

Whether your brand new to speaking in public or you have experience, you owe it to your future and your potential as a public speaker to master the system available exclusively at Inspired2Speak.

Once you do, you'll have the potential to get more speaking gigs, more clients, and more money than you'll know what to do with.
It Sounds Incredible
But Many Inspired2Speak Graduates 
Can Earn  $25,000 From Short 
90 Min Presentations 
At that rate, your earning $555 per minute having fun speaking about stuff you enjoy and helping people in the process
It's possible for you to do it too.

People who have different careers, different IQ's, different businesses, different interest, and different educations have completed the Inspired2Speak certification.

Our graduates are from all walks of life. Virtually all of them doubled if not tripled there speaking income.
Why The Inspired2Speak System Works
It works because it's an approach that has already banked millions of dollars for the speakers currently using it. But also, because it's simple, practical, and self-tailoring.

You could start using the system from day one of Inspired2Speak and do it without strain, confusion or worry and chances are that you'd start speaking more and earning more in a matter of weeks.

This is not to say it's fool proof. You won't be a success if you learn the system and go back to old unprofitable methods.

Old public speaker training methods fail because they teach the skill of speaking, but not the art of selling and empire building.

Learning how to write is a skill, however, learning how to write a blockbuster novel is an art.

It's the same with public speaking. Everyone knows how to speak, but less than 3% of public speakers know the art of selling from the platform and building a public speaking empire that makes you millions.

At Inspired2Speak you learn the best skills for speaking and you go way beyond the skills into the art of selling and building a multi-million dollar speaking empire that allows you to reach more people in more places with your message and making sure you get paid big time for doing it.

Perhaps the best part about the Inspired2Speak System you will learn is that it's easy to master.

In fact, if you're willing to give it a chance... it won't make a difference 'where' you are...

'how old' you are... how much 'education' you have, your level of 'experience' ...or if you're even terrified of speaking in public.

Some people say that one of the biggest benefits of Inspired2Speak is our method for extracting your best talents, elevating your calm confidence while eliminating fear and nervousness... and how we show you to speak powerfully, naturally, authentically, and profitably... every time, all the time.

In fact, we give you a total public speaking solution!

  • We show you ways to increase your income from every presentation – without sounding salesy or sleazy.
  • We provided you with strategies and marketing to get your more speaking gigs so you can expand your impact and expand your income. 
  • We supply you with step-by-step scripts and templates that have already made millions of dollars – so you can use them yourself and reap the rewards. 
  • We give you a proven, winning presentation system that lets you give your best presentation every time – without guessing if it’s going to win over your audience. 
  • We create your photos, products and other marketing material that help you sell yourself and immediately increase the sales of your products and services. 
When the first day of Inspired2Speak starts, an experience that no words can describes begins. However, let me give it shot.
This Is What Happens  at an Inspired2Speak Event 
We start by telling you a few of our secrets. We show you how simple, yet ingenious, the Inspired2Speak system is.

You now suspect that people were not crazy when they voted Inspired2Speak as "The Most Outstanding Speaker Camp of 2017."

We reveal what only multimillion-dollar top earning public speakers know: what to say, how to say it and when to say it to ensure you win the hearts and wallets of your audience.
We show you how to improve your talk, speech, or presentation to galvanize the attention of your listeners.

We take the time to fully deconstruct million dollar presentations and break down every aspect step-by-step so you can replicate the system with laser sharp precision.

Using our proven speaking tweaks, you discover that you are much better at public speaking than you thought you were as our "Talent Extraction Process" automatically pulls the best out of you.

You prepare and give a live presentation using what you learned and step back in awe of yourself when you see, feel, and experience your real-time transformation as a powerful public speaker.

All questions are answered, no punches are pulled!

We celebrate you, we certify you and we watch your speaking business launch into stratospheric success.

That's it. In 3 days at Inspired2Speak you will learn what took us decades to discover. You get battle-tested, multimillion-dollar insider tips, best-kept secrets, little-known methods, and proprietary systems not revealed anywhere else.

In fact, once you deploy these tip, secrets, and methods in your business, you’ll be on a most unusual economic growth curve, earning income and recognition that far exceeds even your greatest expectations.
PROOF! What People Say About Inspired2Speak
Our greatest significance are the opinions of those who have attended Inspired2Speak and used the system.

The following convincing evidence comes from people who attended the Inspired2Speak training. Think of what will be your profit, your popularity, your power and your satisfaction, when YOU get this training and it starts producing remarkable results you.                  
Secrets You'll Uncover at my 3 Day Training will Help You to Positively Influence and Impact Lives of all you Touch and Speak To.  
Reach public speaking success at blazing-speed by leveraging each new insight and closely held secret into bigger incomes, more speaking gigs, larger audiences and an avalanche of new customers and clients.

Our group of veteran public speakers are practically giving away speaker secrets that have collectively earned them over $50 million from speaking and selling from the stage.  
Here’s A Partial Sampling Of The Insights You’ll Discover And Surprising Information Revealed At This Seminar…
Note The Ones Of Greatest Interest To You!  
  •  Review step-by-step checklist on how to do an effective presentation.
  •  How to get perfect strangers to love you and beg you to take their money. 
  •  The inside story on how to turn every talk into instant money. 
  •  How to be authentic, awesome and the authority on your topic. 
  •  You get your own turnkey lead capture system for your business to help you generate a windfall of leads online. 
  •  You will discover what's working NOW when it comes to selling from the stage. 
  •  How to get paid whether your speaking, sleeping or playing. 
  •  Secrets and "tricks: for writing and marketing your own in book in 90 days or less! 
  •  The Millionaire Speakers exact step-by-step process for closing from the stage to create an avalanche of cash-flow virtually every time you speak. 
  •  The best, most beneficial public speaking toolkit ever put together (Includes master manual, checklist, action guides, workbook, laptop bag and more) 
  •  How to find and leverage the best joint venture opportunities and partners to launch your business or help you double or even triple your current income 10x faster. 
  •  Are you making THE SEVEN DEADLY MISTKES with your presentation? Even “smart” speakers do. 
  •  How to create and package products and programs that your audience will crave and beg you to take their money for. 
  •  The speaking strategy that has earned over $10 million dollars is finally revealed for the first time anywhere. 
  •  The SECRET KEY to unlocking the power and profits found in webinars and radio interviews. 
  •  "Speaking Tricks" that increases sales 
  •  Commonly made errors that lead to loss opportunities. 
  •  What every public speaker must know about speaking with power, passion and authority. 
  •  Keynote Speaking Secrets that lead to standing ovations, call backs and bigger checks. 
  •  The A-Z definitive way to start, build and market your speaking business... successfully and profitably. 
  •  One-on-One Coaching 
  •  And tons more! 

No website or printed material can give you an adequate idea of what this training holds for you.

All we can say is – attend Inspired2Speak, sip from the cup of champions – and actually develop and harness your own public speaking super-powers that can give you more success, more prestige, and more prosperity beyond what you would be induced to believe!
And that’s not all, you also get…

Your Own Custom Speaking Tools
Inspired2Speak is by far your surest and easiest way to public speaking success and wealth!

After these REAL expert’s "tweak" what you're doing - watch your income explode like a fireworks display.

What you will get are tested, proven methods that have made me millions from public speaking and with your permission and participation... I'll reveal step-by-step...

everything you must know and do to double, triple or even quadruple the amount of money you thought was possible from public speaking.

And once we are done, you will…
As long as you attend all 3 days you will get an Official Certification at the Event and pictures with VIP Coaches.

We certify you because we know that Inspired2Speak is the faster way for you to reach public speaking success.

In fact, this training contains a new and revolutionary public speaking system ...a major breakthrough that doesn't require 'genius' or 'luck'... and which can help you succeed as a public speaker easier and faster than ever before!

To make sure that happens for you, after you get Certified, you can then…
Students who are Certified by Inspired2Speak will be chosen to immediately start participating and speaking at ongoing events nationwide through our own Seminars, Promoters and Partners
Your mammoth ACTION GUIDE #1 that shares and embraces the heart of all that is best, richest, and powerful for public speaking success. (A manual with content that reaches a brilliant climax from the most expensive lessons learned and most profitable methods executed for 7-figure success.)

ACTION GUIDE #2 that stands alone in its step-by-step guidance to public speaking supremacy.

The beautiful Inspired2Speak Executive Pen for taking notes and signing deals. FREE Laptop Back to carry your awesome training tools.

Our "Power Documents" we use in marketing. Internal Forms, Processes, and Checklist

Our deeply private secret system for public speaking empire building.

Action Plan Handouts - a step-by-step "blueprint" for building your speaking business sing the proven techniques you'll discover at the Event. Also keeps you focused and on track.

Inspired2Speak is a 3 day masterpiece, guiding you past mistakes and short-cutting your rise to success.
This training covers a scope of public speaking that one could never imagine until you are there and the training begins, the lessons are studied, the methods practiced and the power is acquired by you.
By comparison…
Ordinary "Public Speaker Training"
Just Teaches You How To Give A Presentation Inspired2Speak Shows You How To Wear The Crown Of Your Own Speaking Empire That Makes Millions. 
The difference can be your short cut to success!

YOUR Big Breakthrough is waiting for you - here.

YOUR Greatest Opportunity Ever may be found - here.

The contacts. The resources. The real-world, actually-doing-it Experts. The Insights, innovative strategies, closely-guarded secrets.

And for beginners eager to get up to speed instantly or experience speakers wisely eager for comprehensive "tweaks" and "check-ups", there's the A-Z Inspired2Speak Blueprint Manual.

LEADING EXPERTS, each having done what they'll teach, with real life, real world, current - in fact, up to the minute insider information from speaking and selling on big stages to prime-time spots on home shopping networks
Here’s The Bottom Line! 
When you complete the Inspired2Speak training and get Certified, you’ll have everything you need to hit the ground running and start racking of speaking gigs and successfully selling from the stage, racking up staggering profits immediately… routinely speaking and absolutely loving every minute of it.

Think about this for a minute: 
Image what it would be like to have the confidence knowing your can get speaking gigs and speak profitability due to your ability command the stage, build audience trust, gain acceptance and influence people to crave and buy what you’re selling.

How would you feel knowing you’re one of the limited few who can count on making huge profits from virtually every presentation you give?

This is precisely what you’ll gain from this training. In this very real sense, the Inspired2Speak Action Camp will change your life and your income forever.

“Okay, Mr Dentley, just how big of a price tag  is attached to this training of yours, anyway? It must be a big one.” 
About now you’ve braced yourself for “the price.” You are probably expecting something like $25,000. Or $35,000. Maybe more.

But I have very good news.

First of all, we have condensed what might very well be a two week, expensive training retreat into just 3 days.

We have cut out all the “fat” and fine-tuned this training, so that it is possible to do the impossible! – to deliver all the information and hands-on implementation I’ve laid out throughout this letter in a perfectly understandable way, in just 3 days.

This allow us to deliver you the meat of what’s going to make the immediate difference for you and to conduct the training at a much lower cost. And I pass those savings on to you.
Ridicules, right? Well, it IS fact that people have routinely paid as much as $25,000 and higher to attend high-level, expensive seminars, workshops or for private coaching to learn just a fraction of what will be shared with you in this training.

Were you to seek private consulting with me or one of our guest trainers, you might very well pay a minimum of $25,000 plus a % of your speaking income.

But the fee for you to attend Inspired2Speak is a mere $997…
So, that’s right, your fee to attend Inspired2Speak is only $997

Why on earth would anybody deliver $25,000 in value in a 3 day training requiring just $997 to attend?

For a very simple reason.

We have so many events around the world and we are growing so rapidly that we need properly trained speakers that we can trust to speak at our events and deliver big time value… and sell from the platform to make money.

So, by waiving $24,000 we can properly train more speakers to book at our events to speak, sell and earn. And when you speak, sell, and earn… we are all earning.

That’s why we look at the $24,000 discount as our investment in you, in your dream and in your desire to speak.

If you decide to work with us as a speaker, we want you to be a 6 to 7 figure a year earner. Since we will be sharing in your success, we will make way more than the $25,000.

For example, if we have an agreement where you will pay us 10% of you speaker earnings and you earn $1 million dollars, you’ve paid us $100,000 and kept $900,000 for yourself.
So, you see, this is a smart business move for all of us. (Even though my team thought I was crazy for making an obscene offer to discount $24,000.)

Now, just like it seems to be a lot for us to discount $24,000, I know the $997 may seem like a lot to you.

But consider the alternative. What will it cost you if you don’t get the proper training.

You have a decision to make. Frankly you don’t have a choice. You’ll pay for my training whether you choose to attend or not.

Here’s why!

You’ll pay many times more by missing opportunities to speak, giving up on speaking all together or by speaking and not knowing how to properly sell from the stage and any of the dozens of other things you’ll learn to avoid and the multitude of things you’ll learn how to do right.

You could easily pay for the training simply with just one speaking gig. Maybe you’ve already paid out the wazoo for these things… isn’t it time to stop the bleeding and learn the right way to make money as a public speaker?
Am I Walking Past The Dollars
To Save The Dimes?
No matter what business you begin or buy, you must get training to make it successful. Get trained and make money or stay untrained and make a mess! 

With public speaking, every dime can come back on your first speaking gig.

Make this a turning point in your life. Truthfully, even if you attend you’ll kick yourself when you find out how many opportunities you missed and how much money you lost because of what you don’t know. You see… 
You Don’t Know
What You Don’t Know!
I can’t do anything about past mistakes but I can surely help you prevent future ones. But, I’ll need your help. You’ve got to make the next move. 

My friend, I’ll do just fine whether you attend or not. 

My guess is you’ll do OK too.

This really isn’t a life-threatening decision, is it? But this much I know with absolute certainty…
It’s A Life Changing Decision
So Here’s What To Do Next ...
Click here right now to secure your spot for the next training.

The cost is irrelevant because you can make that back many times over from just one speaking gig and then some.
Tax Deductible
By the way, your tuition and travel cost should be tax deductible since this is for your business. That means our partner in Washington DC is willing to pay about a third of your tuition. Isn’t that neat? I wonder if Harvard is tax deductible?

If there is anything else I can do give me a buzz. Make a decision and take action. Your family will appreciate it. (708) 833-8985.

James Dentley
Millionaire Speaker Maker

P.S. Just imagine your pleasure… your feeling of power and luxury… respect and honor… prestige and recognition… prosperity and charity… as you travel the United States and the world fascinating audiences with your powerful presentations and radiating presence.

You take the stage and you electrify the atmosphere with a magnetic attraction so powerful you’re drawing audiences in droves to buy your products because they crave to hear more of you and learn more from you.

The floodgates open for you to new relationships, more opportunities to give back and greater opportunities to make more money.

Attending Inspired2Speak is a step in that direction.
Let me say this – it will cost you thousands of times more in losses of money, time and energy not having the insider secrets revealed at Inspired2Speak.
All the money in the world couldn’t buy for you what the lessons at Inspired2Speak will teach you.

P.P.S. If you tried other public speaking training via books, videos, audios, and workshops and still been unable to get speaking gigs, it’s probably NOT YOUR FAULT. If you’ve tried to speak and sell from the platform before and made little to no money… you’re probably a victim of the public speaker training industries dirty little secrets.

At Inspired2Speak we expose that secret that has cause people to stumble and fall short of their public speaking aspirations. Not only do we expose it, we crush it and give you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about making millions as a public speaker.

YES, James! I'm ready to secure my spot for this amazing and
100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
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